Charlie Clifford Park Restoration Project

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The North American Native Plant Society has adopted a ravine park and working committee has been set up, under the guidance of NANPS Director Greg Hagen,  who is very knowledgeable and experienced with restoration activities.  Join us on Saturday May 15th for a Special Invasives Eradication Workshop at Charlie Clifford.  Learn about invasive species and how best to keep them out of your plots.

A site in the Thornhill area (the Charlie Clifford Memorial Park) has been adopted by Greg as a local natural area, beautifully treed with woodland species such as trilliums, bloodroot, ostrich ferns, baneberry etc.. Unfortunately, a number of invasive species are encroaching and threatening to take over this same area. Work has started. Initial activities include the removal of garlic mustard, planting and general preventive maintenance, Activities will be identified on an ongoing basis and a work plan developed accordingly. The focus is to restore and preserve the existing woodland habitat.

Your commitment will include dedicated time for the current work. This could be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn as you go, increase plant identification skills, better understand various growing situations, learning how to deal with invasives, work with like minded individuals, etc.

If interested, please confirm current contact information (include telephone and email). Please tell us a little bit about yourself, such as areas of interest, expertise, and if relevant, past experience(s), as well as what time / days work best for you. Also check the events calendar for work dates and times.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support for the restoration of native plants.

CONTACT: 416-631-4438

Greg Hagen
Director, NANPS, 
Land Management Committee Chair 
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Miriam Henriques,
Director, NANPS,
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