Prize-winning Property for Sale

MOUNT ARARAT FOR SALE:  The property which NANPS recognized with the Paul McGaw Memorial Conservation Award in  2012 is available for purchase.

Early Canadian author and botanist Catharine Parr Traill lived at and wrote about Mount Ararat during during her productive decade on the Rice Lake Plains. A century and a half later, Sharon Keogh and David Acomba have restored and stewarded this beautiful 60-acre heritage landscape with inspiration from her writing. Over the past fifteen years, they have reintroduced an array of native plants, shrubs and trees to the existing native flora; and have worked on controlling invasive species. 

Traill property view


David and Sharon also designed and built two charming English country cottage style dwellings that resonate with the enchanting landscape. While Mount Ararat will always be in their hearts, it is time for them to move on to a new adventure. They hope to find buyers who will appreciate this amazing place. Please see the listing website which (at the end of the “Historic Landscape” segment) also provides a link to the full Mount Ararat website with much more information.   

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