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 AGM and Social

This is the perfect chance to meet with NANPS directors and other NANPS members over snacks and refreshments. A display of NANPS materials will be available as well as our financial report and info about volunteer opportunities. Awards will be presented. Come a bit early or stay after to explore the Toronto Botanical Garden and adjacent Edwards Gardens and Wilket Creek Park.

 Indigenous Environmental History of Toronto 

  The keynote address will be given by Dr. Jon Johnson, an interdisciplinary community-based scholar,  whose research focuses on Indigenous knowledge and stories of Indigenous presence in the Toronto  region. Jon is a lead organizer for First Story Toronto, an Indigenous-led group that shares Toronto's  vast and rich Indigenous history through tours and a smartphone App.

Date: Saturday November 4, 2017, noon to 4:00 pm
Location: Garden Hall, Toronto Botanical Garden, 777 Lawrence Ave. E, Toronto ON
Open to NANPS members and the general public, refreshments provided. The event is free, but we ask that you register to reserve your spot.

You can make an entire day of it and arrive early for a Native Gardening Workshop from 9:00 - 11:30 am hosted by Parks People. This event is free, but a separate registration is required. Register

We are currently accepting seeds for the 2017/18 Seedex. Your seed donation can be brought to the AGM or mailed to NANPS Seedex, Box 69070, St. Clair PO, Toronto ON, M4T 3A1. Last year's list can be seen here, and info about seed collection is here.  A list of available seeds will be sent to NANPS members in the Fall issue of the Blazing Star. 

Summer Issue of The Blazing
The newsletter has been mailed/emailed early September. If you didn't receive your copy please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We try our best to get it right every time, but occasionally we have had errors due to misreading the info on the membership forms.

Past event- Bioblitz 

Awesome and educational! Those are the words to describe the BioBlitz in Caledon on June 10 & 11th. Thank you Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC), Richard Aaron, and to all who participated in the Blitz at the Simmons Nature Reserve. Many flora and fauna species were seen and recorded (exact numbers still have to be tallied). It was hot, sticky, and the mosquitoes were eating us alive, but people were still interested in learning about the wildlife in the reserve. Some of the flora observed included Ninebark, Mountain Maple, Eastern White Cedar, Alternate-leaved dogwood, Red and White trilliums, Wild and Woodland strawberry. Some of the fauna observed included American toad, Wood frog, Red-backed salamander, and Eastern garter snake.

People in field

Richard Aaron, explaining Goldenrod galls to Bioblitz participants. Photo by: Adam Mohamed

Group of people identifying tree species

Bioblitz participants learn to use an ID key to identify tree species. Photo by: Adam Mohamed

Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in volunteer opportunities please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Flowers and Food: Growing Edible Native Plants - Lorraine Johnson

Talk and video were made possible by generous funding from the McLean Foundation

NANPS 2014 Annual Report

Please click on the link below to read the North American Native Plant Society's Annual Report covering the period October 20, 2013 to November 15, 2014

NANPS 2014 Annual Report

Margaret Atwood

We are pleased to welcome Margaret Atwood as a new Honorary Director of the North American Native Plant Society. Margaret Atwood has written more than forty volumes of ficton, non-fiction, poetry, and children's literature. She has been acknowledged with numerous literary awards and honours including the Booker Prize, Governor General's Award and Giller Prize. She has received honorary degrees from 24 academic institutions and is a Companion of the Order of Canada. She is also an unflinching advocate for environmental issues.



2016-17 SEEDEX

2016/2017 NANPS Seedex List     updated Feb. 2, 2017
The following native species are available to members through the NANPS Seed Exchange. Members can order seeds without having donated to the Seed Exchange. See ordering instructions and key to donors following this list. 

NANPS tries its best to list seeds as received. NANPS also uses discretion when receiving seeds of threatened species.

Please note that while all seeds donated are native to North America, they may not be local to the donor. Use your own discretion when ordering seeds and choose local stock if available.

Germination requirements are here. 

    W Seeds are wild collected ~ Older familiar Latin name used L limited quantities  
        Species     Common Name    Donor   Source
Grasses & Sedges            
    L Andropogon gerardii    big bluestem   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Bouteloua curtipendula   side-oats grama   Bri   Guelph
      Bouteloua curtipendula    side-oats grama   McK   Caledon
      Elymus hystrix   bottlebrush grass   Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Panicum virgatum   switchgrass, panic grass   Van   Halton
      Schizachyrium scoparium   little bluestem   Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Sorghastrum nutans   Indian grass   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
Perennial Flowers            
      Ageratina altissima    white snakeroot   Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Ageratina altissima   white snakeroot   Har   Elmvale
Actaea racemosa black cohosh Har Elmvale
  Actaea rubra   red baneberry   Bri   Guelph
  Amsonia ciliata   fringed bluestar   Har   Elmvale
  Anaphalis margaritacea   pearly everlasting   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Anemone canadensis   Canada anemone   McK   Caledon
      Aquilegia canadensis   wild columbine   Ima   Soyer's Lake, Haliburton
       Aralia nudicaulis    wild sarsaparilla   Hod   Greater Toronto Area
      Aralia racemosa   spikenard   Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Aralia racemosa   spikenard   McK   Caledon
Asclepias incarnata swamp milkweed Van Cambridge
  Asclepias incarnata   swamp milkweed   Har   Elmvale
  Asclepias syriaca   common milkweed   Van   Oakville
  Asclepias syriaca   common milkweed   Can   Greater Toronto Area
      Asclepias tuberosa   butterfly milkweed   Har   Elmvale
    L Asclepias tuberosa   butterfly milkweed   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Asclepias verticillata   whorled milkweed   Van   Cambridge
    ~ Aster laevis   smooth aster   Mea   Greater Toronto Area
    ~ Aster novae-angliae   New England aster   Mea   Greater Toronto Area
  Baptisia australis   false indigo   Bri   Guelph
  Baptisia australis   false indigo   McK   Caledon
      Callirhoe involucrata   poppy mallow   Mea   Greater Toronto Area
      Chelone glabra   turtlehead   Har   Elmvale
      Cirsium discolor   field thistle   McK   Caledon
      Desmodium canadense   showy tick- trefoil    Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Doellingeria umbellata    flat-topped aster   McK   Caledon
      Doellingeria umbellata   flat-topped aster   Van   source- Acorus nursery, ON
      Doellingeria umbellata    flat-topped aster   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Eryngium yuccifolium   rattlesnake master   Van   source- Acorus nursery, ON 
      Eupatorium altissimum   tall boneset       Brant ON
      Eupatorium perfoliatum   boneset   Bel   Greater Toronto Area
      Eupatorium perfoliatum   boneset   Bri   Guelph
      Eurybia divaricata   white wood aster   Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Eurybia divaricata   white wood aster   Bri   Guelph
  Eurybia macrophylla   large-leaved aster   Hen   Greater Toronto  Area
      Eutrochium  maculatum   spotted Joe Pye weed   McK   Caledon
  Eutrochium purpureum   sweet Joe Pye weed   Bri   Guelph
  Eutrochium purpureum   sweet Joe Pye weed   McK   Caledon
      Gentiana andrewsii    bottle gentian   McK   Caledon
      Helenium autumnale    sneezeweed   McK   Caledon
      Helenium autumnale   sneezeweed   Kon/Mea   Greater Toronto Area
      Helianthus divaricatus   woodland sunflower   Har   Elmvale
      Helianthus giganteus   tall sunflower   Har   Elmvale
      Hibiscus moscheutos   rose mallow   Van   source- Acorus nursery, ON
Hypericum ascyron giant St. John's-wort Van Cambridge
      Lespedeza violacea   wand-like bush clover   Van   souce- Acorus nursery, ON
      Liatris aspera   rough blazing star   McK   Caledon
      Liatris ligulistylus   meadow blazing star   Mea   Greater Toronto Area
    L Liatris spicata    dense blazing star   Hen/Mea   Greater Toronto Area
      Liatris spicata   dense blazing star   Pat   Mississauga
      Lilium michiganense   Michigan lily   Har   Elmvale
      Lilium michiganense   Michigan lily   McK   Caledon
      Linum lewisii   prairie flax   Bri   Gueph
    L Lobelia cardinalis   cardinal flower   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Lupinus perennis   blue lupine   Bri   Norfolk County & Guelph
      Mainanthemum stellatum   false/star-flowered Solomon's seal   McK   Caledon
      Monarda didyma   Bee Balm   Bel   Greater Toronto Area
      Monarda punctata   horsemint   Zed   Campbellcroft ON
      Oenothera biennis   evening primrose   Har   Elmvale
      Oenothera biennis   evening primrose   Hod/Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Opuntia humifusa   prickly pear   Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Penstemon digitalis   foxglove beardtongue    Den/Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Phytolacca americana   American pokeweed   Har   Elmvale
      Pycnanthemum pilosum   hairy mountain mint   McK   Caledon
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium slender mountain mint Van Cambridge
Pycnanthemum virginianum Virginia mountain mint Van source- Acorus nursery, ON
      Ratibida pinnata   gray headed coneflower   Har   Elmvale
      Ratibida pinnata   gray headed coneflower    Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Rudbeckia laciniata   green-headed coneflower   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Rudbeckia triloba   brown eyed Susan   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
Silphium perfoliatum cup plant Atk Gravenhurst
  Solidago bicolor   white goldenrod   Sha   Greater Toronto Area
      Solidago caesia   blue-stemmed goldenrod   McK   Caledon
  Solidago caesia   blue-stemmed goldenrod   Sha   Greater Toronto Area
      Solidago flexicaulis   zigzag goldenrod   Hen/Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Solidago nemoralis    gray goldenrod   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Solidago nemoralis    gray goldenrod   McK   Caledon
Solidago riddellii Riddell's goldenrod Van source- Acorus nursery, ON
      Solidago rigida (Oligoneuron rigidum)   stiff goldenrod   Van   source- Acorus nursery, ON
      Solidago rigida   stiff goldenrod   Hen/Sha   Greater Toronto Area

Symphyotrichum cordifolius

heart-leaved aster Den Greater Toronto Area

Symphyotrichum ericoides

  heath aster   Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Symphyotrichum ericoides    heath aster   McK   Caledon
      Symphyotrichum laeve    smooth aster   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
  Symphyotrichum novae-angliae   New England aster  


      Symphyotrichum novae-angliae   New England aster  


      Symphyotrichum novae-angliae    New England aster  


  Greater Toronto Area
  Symphyotrichum oolentangiense   sky blue aster   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Symphyotrichum pilosum   frost aster   McK   Caledon

Symphyotrichum puniceum
sold out

  swamp aster   McK   Caledon
      Symphyotrichum shortii    Short's aster   McK   Caledon
    L Thalictrum polygamum   tall meadow rue   Hen   Greater Toronto Area
  Verbena hastata   blue vervain   Can   Greater Toronto Area
      Verbena hastata   blue vervain    McK   Caledon
Verbena stricta hoary vervain Bri Guelph
  Verbesina alternifolia   wingstem   Bri   Guelph
  Vernonia   ironweed   Sha   Greater Toronto Area
      Vernonia fasciculatis   ironweed   Bel   Greater Toronto Area
      Vernonia gigantea   tall ironweed   Har   Elmvale
      Vernonia altissima   ironweed   Den/Hen   Greater Toronto Area
      Vernonia missurica      ironweed   Kon   Greater Toronto Area
  Veronicastrum virginicum   Culver's root   McK   Caledon
      Veronicastrum virginicum   Culver's root   Bri   Guelph
      Veronicastrum virginicum   Culver's root   Hen/Den   Greater Toronto Area
      Zizia aurea   golden Alexanders   Har   Elmvale
      Campsis radicans    trumpet vine   Hod   Greater Toronto Area
      Celastrus scandens   American bittersweet   Hod   Greater Toronto Area
      Clematis virginiania   virgin's bower   Hod   Greater Toronto Area
  Ipomoea pandurata   wild potato vine   Hod   Greater Toronto Area
  Wisteria frutescens   American wisteria   Bri   Halton
Trees, Shrubs              
      Acer negundo
box elder/Manitoba maple   Hod   Greater Toronto Area
Calycanthus floridus Carolina allspice Bri   Guelph
Catalpa speciosa northern catalpa Hod   Greater Toronto Area
Celtis tenuifolia dwarf hackberry Bri   Guelph
Cephalanthus occidentalis buttonbush Van   Cambridge
Cercis canadensis eastern redbud Hod   Greater Toronto Area
Gleditsia triacanthos honey locust Hod   Greater Toronto Area
Gymnocladus dioica Kentucky coffee tree Hod   Greater Toronto Area
Gymnocladus dioica  Kentucky coffee tree Zed   Campbellcroft ON
Hypericum kalmianum Kalm's St. John's-wort Hen   Greater Toronto Area
Platanus occidentalis American sycamore Hod   Greater Toronto Area
Staphylea trifolia bladdernut Bri   Guelph


 Our donors are our heroes!


The following donors contributed to the 2016-17 SEEDEX:

Atk - Eileen Atkinson

Bel - Martha Bell

Bri- Judy Brisson

Can - Alexandrina Canto Thaler

Den - Vivienne Denton

Har- Kate Harries

Hen - Miriam Henriques

Hod - Jim Hodgins

Ima - Stan Imada

Kon - Alice Kong

McK - Darcie McKelvey

Mea - Howard Meadd

Pat - B Patterson

Sha - Stacey Shannon

Van- Brenda van Ryswyk
Zed - Jane Zednick


Please include the following information with your request for seeds: your name and mailing address, the species you’d like (by botanical name) and any substitutions you would like in case we cannot supply your first choice. If you prefer seed from a specific listed location please so indicate and we’ll try to comply.


If you are donating seed, please remember to provide botanical and common name and source information if known.


Seed donors may request up to 30 packets; other members may order a maximum of 15 packets. If you are a Canadian requester include $2 for the first packet and 50 cents for each additional packet. If you are requesting acorns/nuts of tree species please add an extra $2 to cover the cost of mailing. If you are an American requester please send $20 to cover the cost of a phytosanitary certificate and 50 cents for each packet of seeds (in U.S. funds). Tree and shrub seeds cannot be sent to the U.S.


Cheque or money order only - please do not send cash in the mail.


Send your request to: NANPS Seed Exchange, Box 69070, St Clair PO, Toronto, ON M4T 3A1.


Inquiries can be made by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Happy growing!