Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

2017 Karen Boniface

2016 Alexandrina Canto Thaler

2015 Anne Butt 
for her dedicated contributions over a number of years to various activities including plant sale, newsletter mailing, seed packaging and sharing her knowledge with the public

        Peter Kelly, was our first Executive Director ( a part time position), who followed up  as a volunteer in the same position for the year 2014- 2015.

2014 Rolf Struthers  for his outstanding job in processing memberships and maintaining the NANPS membership base.

        Vivienne Denton for her ongoing contributions to the society and in particular her contributions to the NANPS seed exchange.

2013 Irene Fedun, who has consistently done an excellent and thorough job as editor of The Blazing Star as well as being a long-time contributor and asset to the organization.

2012 Stacey Shannon and Sue Wells, for their excellent and continuing work to provide refreshments at the NANPS AGM and other events. (The Board voted with their stomachs!)

2011 Linda Read. Linda has worked tirelessln on restoration projects, particularly our flagship conservation property, Shining Tree Woods. A fabulous nature photographer she has provided many photos to NANPS and other environmental organizations

2010  Mary and Clive Clark. Among NANPS earliest members and tireless volunteers in countless capacities.   Thank you both for 25 years of service to NANPS!

2009  Janet Harrison and Charles Iscove.  Creators and managers of NANPS e-newsletter:  The Local Scoop.  Each issue of the Scoop comes as a surprise to even NANPS Directors...sometimes controversial, always entertaining!  To receive your copy, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2008   Alice Kong.  Plant Sale & Volunteer Coordinator.  Alice continues to coordinate NANPS annual native plant sale, Canada's largest, and a crucial component of our annual fundraising efforts.

2007  Kathy Edgar.  Creator of NANPS original plants database.  A fantastic addition to the sale, the database is used to create printed handbooks of the specific species available at the sale and for online advance sales. Kathy joined NANPS Board from 2002-2004 in order to apply her excellent organizational and accounting knowledge to our administration processes.

2006  Janet MacKenzie Cohen. Janet stepped up to the plate in the final inning and coordinated a slate of volunteers for a 5 day exhibition at Toronto's annual Canada Blooms exhibit.  She also was a crucial contributor to the quarterly mailings of the Blazing Star newsletter for many years.

2005  Tom Atkinson.  Tom, a past-President of NANPS, in addition to his many years promoting native trees and shrubs, has worked tirelessly on NANPS Land Management and Website Committees.  

2004 Monica Dennis.  NANPS first "Volunteer of the Year", Monica has been the face of Trees & Shrubs, along with Past-President Tom Atkinson, at NANPS Plant Sale for many years.  Monica is a long time member of the Plant Sale organizing committee and provides much of the photography and design used in NANPS publications, flyers, and events.

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