York University Directions and Parking Information

Driving directions to Vari Hall, York University and Parking Information:

Approach York University on Steeles Avenue (Keele Street is closed north of Finch Avenue). Vari Hall (Building 29) can be accessed by either the Curtis Lecture Hall (Building 26) or the glass doors between the Behavioral Science Building (Building 29) and the Student Centre (Building 23). Please try parking at either Parking Lot 71 ($3.50 per hour to a max of $15), Parking Lot 80 (flat rate $8 after 6 pm), Parking Garage 72 (flat rate $8 after 6 pm) or Parking Lot 66 (flat rate $8 after 5 pm).  If you need help, call 416-736-2100 for visitor's information.

Directions to York University via the TTC:

From Downsview Station & Sheppard Station a) 196 York University Rocket — Express from Downsview Station b) 196 B from Sheppard Station via Downsview during peak times c) 106 York University — from Downsview at non-peak times d) 107 B&C Keele North — Downsview Station to Rutherford GO Station (107 B) or Teston Rd (107 C) via York U (one-fare service between York Region and York University)

From Finch Station: a) Steeles 60C or 60F Jane Station b) Jane 35 E — Express to York U Keele Station c) Keele 41 (41 B — including Petrolia; 41 C — including Steeles Ave via Murray Ross)