Conservation:  preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation, and wildlife.  [New Oxford American Dictionary]

Conservation needn't be confined to natural areas.  What you do in your community, at work, in your own yard affects natural areas and our planet.

It has been postulated that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can affect the path of a tornado in Texas.  A seemingly small action can indeed have a huge impact.  By pulling a few strands of an invasive plant to prevent it sending out a thousand seedlings;  by writing a short passage to be read by hundreds; by planting a few native species in your front yard to inspire a dozen neighbours and to create the basis of a food web that will nurture a host of tiny can be that butterfly.

Take the first step...then take another!



Garlic Mustard Pull

This Sunday, June 16th (Father's Day), 10 am - 2 pm

Another garlic mustard pull at Charlie Clifford Park, Thornhill


No registration, just show up when you can, for as long as you can. Wear boots and gloves and bring water and a snack.

DIRECTIONS: From Steeles and Bayview in Toronto, go north to Proctor Ave. Turn left onto Proctor.Turn right on Sprucewood Dr, and park at the end of street. Access the park by walking through the path between the second and third houses from the end of the road on the east side. GPS: 43.810592,-79.403129.