Weekend Weedends

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Invasive species are affecting our native plant communities

An important part of native plant conservation involves protecting these communities from alien species that have invaded wild areas of North America.
There isn’t any single method to fight these invaders successfully.   Mostly, it takes hard work to clear an area of such harmful species as garlic mustard, dog strangling vine, periwinkle, or goutweed. 

NANPS invites you to take a  weekend to end weeds in an area near you.  Our members stretch across the continent, and unfortunately, so do invasive alien species.   While researchers work to develop biological solutions to these invaders, we can take action to hold back the tide and give our native flora a chance to thrive.

It takes many hands to effectively rid an area of invasive species without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.  Offer others an opportunity to join your Conservation Team ... list your project on NANPS website.  Include the location, a schedule of activities, and contact information or a set  time/place for volunteers to meet for a Weedend.

Visit NANPS restorations page to find a Weedend event near you  or to find another restoration project with which to help.  To register your own Weeded event, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.