10 Reasons Why I Grow Native Plants

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By Karen Boniface

  • 10.     It soothes me when I see my garden, any time of the year.
  • 9.    Plants such as solomon’s seal and violets  come up faithfully year after year, form a great   groundcover, look graceful and keep out the weeds.
  • 8.    Butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators love my garden, so there’s lots of movement and action in my garden.
  • 7.    Seeds and grass stalks from native plants feed the birds and provide nesting material.
  • 6.   No need to fertilize with chemicals, and very minimal watering required – so less work.
  • 5.   I can share my plants and seeds with others, further reducing our environmental footprint.
  • 4.    I have crickets in my garden – it’s like being at the cottage!
  • 3.    It keeps me connected to our natural heritage.
  • 2.    I’ve met many like minded, thoughtful people who like to share their knowledge, experiences and plants!
  • 1.   I know I’m giving back to nature