Viburnum cassinoides

Common Name: wild raisin
Plant Type:Shrubs
Light (original): partial shade or partial sun to full sun
Light Requirements: Sun, Part Sun
Height:5 to 15 feet
Width:4 to 15 feet
Soil Type:moist to average
Soil Moisture:Mesic
Seed Ripens:September
USDA Zones:3-8
Flower Colour:creamy white clusters
Bloom Time:late June
Comments:Fruit changes from green to pink to red to blue to black, often all colours together.
Germination:Seed needs a period of warm, moist stratification followed by cold stratification and will germinate after being shifted back to warm, for example 70°-40°-70°F.
Germination Notes:
Grow Notes:
Picture Copyright: Jim Stasz @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database