Asarum canadense

Common Name: wild ginger
Plant Type:Herbaceous
Light (original): shade
Light Requirements: Shade
Height:6 to 8 inches
Width:12 to 16 inches
Soil Type:moist
Soil Moisture:Mesic
Seed Ripens:early summer
USDA Zones:3 to 8
Flower Colour:brown
Bloom Time:spring
Comments:Large heart-shaped leaves. Good ground cover for shade. Rich woods.
Germination:Seed is hydrophyllic, intolerant of dry storage.
Seed needs a period of warm, moist stratification followed by cold stratification and will germinate after being shifted back to warm, for example 70°-40°-70°F.
Seed will not germinate in presence of chemical inhibitors.
Germination Notes:
Grow Notes:
Picture Copyright: John Oyston